This is your unique, once-a-year opportunity to showcase your business in front of a high-net-worth and very enthusiastic audience that appreciates automobiles and luxury. Attendees at the DOWNTOWN SHOWDOWN IN HAMMOND either already own your brand, or your competitor’s.

Premier auto dealerships, aftermarket exhibitors and luxury non-automotive businesses will be equally exposed to a substantial number of highly qualified prospective buyers. Engage them at the DOWNTOWN SHOWDOWN IN HAMMOND and gain their business!

Booth / Spaces Registration Fee $ 125.00
We offer premium Both/Space opportunities.
Limited spaces available. Luxury brands only.  Multiple layouts to fit your needs:
Single Booth: 10 ft. x 10 ft.
Customized square, rectangular or custom-shaped spaces in 100 ft. increments:
Possible spaces may be 10 x 20 | 20 x 20 | 20 x 30
30 X 50 | 60 x 80 | or any size you choose.We also offer PREMIUM sponsorship opportunities. 
Limited time offer.

Registration Fee $185.00